Saturday, June 16, 2012

Victoria's WCL team needs a name

With just under a year to go before Victoria sees the return of baseball to RAP, there is bound to be a flurry of activity surrounding the new WCL team as it builds itself a head office, on-field staff, and the rest of a baseball operations team.

It shouldn’t be too long before we start to see some fan-building activities as well, as a promotions team comes on board and starts to build interest. The first order of business is likely a team naming activity, with input from Victoria baseball fans to help pick the name. As Gus mentioned in his post, not sure if that means fans will be invited to submit their ideas, or if we will only get to vote on a shortlist.

We here at the blog are never ones to wait for instructions, we like to jump the gun and make our own path and this time is no exception! Come along with us and submit your own opinions on team names. 

There have been a few suggestions made on Gus’s post. Marmots, Islanders, Tide, Thunder, and more. Those are perfectly fine suggestions, they just aren’t mine. Here’s my take on the team name: Please welcome to town, the Victoria Gulls!

Yes the Gulls! What better to represent our city that the water fowl that is everywhere. You can’t spend a day in Victoria without at least once looking upward fearing the gull’s wrath (even if it’s good luck to be targeted). Yes the mighty gull is a force to be reckoned with.

The Gulls name in baseball is fairly unique. There was once a PCL team in Salt Lake City called the Gulls, it’s been defunct since 1984. There are the Newport, RI Gulls who do play in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. Still, Victoria’s Gulls would be the only Gulls team within 4000km.

So the Gulls in my world follow the colour scheme of the ChiSox. White, black, and grey – just like a Gull. Check out their uni below:

You see – the "V" in Victoria is a Gull in flight! Nice tie-in, I know. And for the team logo, incorporate a sight seen on the top of every light post and telephone pole in town. The mighty gull at rest:

So that’s my take on it. I can see the souvenir t-shirts and hats already - the ones with the fake poop on the brim and sleeve... The game-day posters with the visitor’s logos plastered with a white mess... The on-field promotions where two lucky fans toss eggs back and forth until someone gets plastered with one... Yes, the Victoria Gulls are a full on and off field experience!

Okay so it’s not like we need more suggestions after all that, but what the heck - take your best shot! Add your comments. Team names, jersey ideas, mascots, promo ideas... Let’s have them all! Who knows, maybe one will be so good, we can make choosing the name only a formality...


  1. Brilliant!!!
    It fits Victoria to a tee!
    Like the colours, the logo, the promotion ideas!
    Would use all of it if I still owned the Victoria Team from 1980!

  2. I'm OK with the Gulls, but I'm not sure naming the team after a bird that eats garbage and poops on people is the best we can do. It's certainly not going to strike fear into opponents. Of course, it would give headline writers in this town a golden gift. I can see it now: "GULLS UNLOAD ON BLACK BEARS". Or maybe "GULLS DEVOUR SWEETS". Or even "GULLS DUMP ON KELOWNA".

    Perhaps the opinion of Tom Hawthorn, published in today's Globe and Mail, should be considered:

    Baseball will be returning to Royal Athletic Park next summer. The city signed a three-year lease with John McLean and Dwight Willett of Vancouver, owners of a new franchise in the West Coast League. The circuit, which includes teams in Washington and Oregon as well as Kelowna, features amateur collegiate players. The Victoria team is to be named in a contest by fans. The best suggestion so far, from a local baseball blogger, is the Fighting Marmots.

  3. Hmmmm... the logo and uniform designs are pretty sweet but every summer downtown Victoria is covered in seagull s**t until the fall rains wash it away. I don't think this is the image of Victoria that we should promote.

    I like the Victoria Orcas... or the Victoria Cougars.

  4. Here is a link to a few of the concepts I was batting around when my group was exploring Victoria in 2007 for a WCCBL (now West Coast League) franchise.